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Phil Kane

phil kane

JD And The FDCs Recognise

Fucking Hell - yeah, have we got a treat for you. Oh yessirree.

When you've pigged out on prog, satisfied your appetite for metalized industrial experimental ambience and pretty much gluttonised yourself on the clever stuff then here's the antidote; a whopping big dose of good fashioned honest to goodness party time rock n' roll.

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JD & The FDCs are JD (that's James Delerict, himself a twenty year vet of punk rock's bar wars whose past glories include stints in Marky Ramone's band and as occasional guest vocalist for the Misfits) on guitars and vox, Dazmondo also on guitar and vox, Joey Strange on bass and vox and Danny Gunn behind the drums.

To get this debut done they roped in producer Jason Sanderson (Rolo Tomassi, Hawkeyes and Ginger Wildheart) and mastering maestro Howie Weinberg (Nirvana/Public Enemy/U2/Rancid/The Clash/Beastie Boys/Ramones...) to lend a hand and in doing so have created a bit of a blast, a chunk of raw but well produced guitar driven rock n' roll.

A mix of 'Earth vs...' era Wildhearts, The Donnas, Buckcherry, Andrew WK and Green Day the album sits in a similar happy pup groove to Baby's Got A Gun's 'Up', the sort of rollicking rock album that can easily outstay its welcome. Here, however, 'Recognize' lasts forty minutes flat, which I think is just about right for such a great heads down, no nonsense mindless rock n' roll record.

'Recognise' features guest appearances from rock, punk, TV and, suprisingly, wrestling minor celebs. The band are joined on the album by Dez Cadena (Black Flag) and Amy 'Lita' Dumas (Former WWE Women's Champion) on 'From The Shadows', Johnny Bonnel (Swingin' Utters) on 'This Town Of Infamy', Acey Slade (Murderdolls) and Andee Blacksugar (The Dark Party) on 'The Secret', Richard Bacchus (D Generation) on 'No Way Out', Jesse Luscious (Blatz/The Criminals) on 'Anti-Destination League', Carol Hodge (Steve Ignorant/Crass) on 'Come Dig Me Out' (a CD exclusive apparently) and Rob Lane (Let Loose/TCC) on 'Mirrors & Wires'. What difference their contributions make is unclear but nonetheless it is still a fairly impressive guest list.

And the songs themselves? Pretty damn good as it turns out. 'Recognize' may not kick in any doors when it comes to originality but by fuck does it motor; a zippy blast of sometimes sleazy pop punk that lithely avoids becoming a samey fizz, its snappy songs lasting no more than four minutes each. It is a rarity in that as an independent release it still boasts great songs and a pukka top notch production too.

The band have already issued a couple of EPs since forming in 2010, yet 'Recognize' feels like JD & The FDCs are still hedging their bets when it comes to direction. There's the Irish laced acoustic punk folk of 'Town Of Infamy', the Wildhearts referencing 'Ujpest Dozsa' and 'Mirrors & Wires' and the Buckcherry/Foo Fighters style charge of 'Never Gonna Stop' and 'Anti-Destination League'. The sleazy 'Burn This City Down' and 'Never Gonna Stop', both previously released, are given another run out too.

Despite this scattershot approach, there are no tracks that come even close to being average and chuck in the snappy pop writing nous of Green Day and Dave Grohl and you'll have a pretty good handle on what this album is like. The quality of the song writing is such that the lack of direction is not that pronounced and in some ways works in the album's favour by not allowing it to degenerate into a samey buzz.

There are no reasons why JD & The FDCs should not be huge. With a fair wind and a bit of luck this snappy little outfit should find itself in a lucrative little groove. Grade A success will not happen overnight however,and while 'Recognize' is good it is just a first step; an illustration of what this band are capable of and what we can look forward to in the future.

Rock n' roll has few things left to discover about itself so these days it is not so much what is done as how it is does it and this album does it very, very well, with aplomb even. JD & The FDCs are definitely a band to stay tuned in to and 'Recognize' an album to keep close to the decks ready for those moments when you are in desperate need of an antidote for a pomp overload.

It is not the minor masterpiece some claim it to be but that, I'm sure, will not be long in coming.



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