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'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel'

Phil Kane

phil kane

honey from the lips of an angel

To be honest, I can't make up my mind about this album, so if this write up seems a bit schizophrenic you'll just have to get over it and make up your own mind. Got that? Yes? Good.

As soon as you see the name of this outfit you know the boys in this band are gonna be either window licking dumb fucks or too-clever-for-their-own-shirts intellectuals with a tendency for piss taking and a feigned contempt for success and mainstream acceptance. In this case it's the latter that attempts to challenge your intellect, sense of humour and patience.

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Salem, Oregon is the where the roots of this band lay with long time pals Ice Pube (guitar) and Shitwizard (throat) being joined by the Ragin' Cajun, Rockin' Ronnie Rad Stuff (bass), an expat of Lafayette, Louisiana. Deciding (erroneously perhaps) that they did not require a drummer, they hit the road as The Fat Dukes Of Fuck. These days they are based in Las Vegas.

With inspiration ranging from Faith No More, the Chilli Peppers and The Melvins through Clutch to Ministry, the band's willingness to play for anyone who will buy them a Jack and Coke and the release of two albums has brought some limited success; their song 'Please Don't Feed The Animals' recently being chosen to be featured in the upcoming independent film 'One Long Day'. I suppose the best way to describe this lot would be as the bastard offspring of a union between Municipal Waste and The Eagles Of Death Metal.

With a revised line up of Ice Pubes, Professor Horse Exhaust, The Shit Wizard, and Crib Death, 'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel' is an album of progressive Metal that is not clever enough to be termed experimental as it's attempts to be different and alternative at times leave it sounding samey and predictable. As some of the titles suggest, 'Sorry About Your Dick' and 'I Killed A Small Child' for instance, the album attempts to shock but flounders miserably on its college kid humour.

Yet, if you can get beyond the idiocy of youth, 'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel' is actually a good progressive Metal album. Scatterbrain and Frank Zappa influences abound but the eccentricity is kept on a short enough leash so as not to frighten off the Metalheads.

Largely derivative of every wacky band you have ever come across, it is nonetheless quite a versatile album. It allows grunge, hardcore, progressive rock, new wave and thrash Metal to crossover just enough without the music collapsing into an incomprehensible mess.

Killer tracks? There are none but there are very good ones. The punky 'Cigarette', the spikey strolling blues of the aforementioned 'I Killed A Small Child' and the Metallic 'Let My People Grow'. The opening one two of the shouty altness of 'The Mighty Bulge' and the stompy double kick mixture of 'Sorry About Your Dick' set the stage for the rest of the album but just to throw you a curve ball, the band throws in the Clutch-like 'Prelude To The Greatest Night Of Your Life' and the excellent 'Step Aside And Let That Fucker Dance' which simply epitomises the album's multi directional musical inventiveness.

Loud and offensive, the album is a shouty fuck-you to the world. Brimming with frat party antics, 'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel' is the sort of album that isn't afraid of sloppy seconds, nor the hooker who is offering them.

The problem with the large majority of these 'Comedy' albums is that the jokes soon wear thin, testing the same gag to the point of destruction. Their intended rye and humorous observations and commentaries of whatever facet of life rarely rise above the trite naivety of schoolboy sarcasm. 'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel' is no different.

The Fat Dukes Of Fuck are one of those little known bands that really should be left as an independent obscurity. Once a big label gets its claws in to them and big times come calling, you know the success and money will strip their coolness.

There is also a tendency towards the yappy puppy vocal of youth and some of the tracks could have done with being less busy. Its locker room porno party time beer an' coke groove leave 'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel' not as funny, witty or clever as it likes to think it is, yet its efforts are endearing enough to deserve at least a second listen.




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