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Phil Kane

phil kane

Pavilions Pavilions

This is a three song EP. It is short, snappy and clean. The Metal here is well produced and for such a young outfit very well presented and executed.

The young five piece (Tezz Roberts on lead vox, Ryan 'Coop' Cooper on guitar and vocals, Tel Earthey on Drums, Alex Male on Bass and Alex Headen on Guitar) pegs itself as melodic post hardcore/progressive though I'm not entirely sure where the progressive bit fits because I can't hear it. Mercifully, this debut EP is not quite so screamy as a lot of its contemporaries.

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So, the only problem for Pavilions is that there is a world of this stuff out there vying for your attention and dosh. This EP, although very good, has nothing that makes it stand out enough from the herd.

It's a problem which some expertly handled PR could rectify and with a fair wind and a lot of luck, Pavilions might find themselves a wave on which to ride. Until then, they've got some work to do.




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