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Bisongrass' origins lay in Aberdeen (Scotland) circa late 2010. Playing their first gig in August 2011 the band soon picked up a head of steam winning the 2012 Best Band and Best Newcomer categories at The Fudge Aberdeen Music Awards.

Made up of former and current members of Dredwater, KCHGH, Ablach, Filthpact, Risactonia and Korpse, Bisongrass play what has been described as Beef Metal. Basically this self titled, independently financed debut is stoner metal that takes its cues from Sabbath's 'Volume 4' period but minus some of the original's subtleties.

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Produced and mixed by Niall Mathewson and Bisongrass at The Mill Studios in Aberdeen, 'Bisongrass' is a very good, professional sounding and well executed Heavy Metal record; a proficient dose of sludge rock. It is down low and dirty, owning a vibe that belongs in the early seventies but with a modern mentality that keeps it relevant.

Closer to The Company Band than the spikier Clutch, Bisongrass take on the American stoner outfits, King Hobo and Stoner Train for instance, at their own game and more than match them.

The album's problem is it lacks a killer track. For having music on whilst you do something else Bisongrass is perfect. It engages your subconscious quite effectively yet if you sit and concentrate your mind soon wonders.

'Bisongrass' lacks something to grab you by the grits and does not stand up too well to close scrutiny. It is too samey and individual tracks blend after a while making them impossible to recall when the album finishes. Though to be fair, 'Square Turkey' and 'Sounds Like Trouble' certainly shunt themselves about with intent and overall the album avoids taking itself too seriously with some great stoner blues edges and flourishes.

'Bisongrass' is more than capable of going up against the anything the stoner big hitters can produce without fear of making a fool of itself and you could certainly spend your money on worse albums. With a few tweaks and a spreading of its wings, Bisongrass could have quite an interesting future ahead of it.




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