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'In The Present - Live From Lyon'
(Frontiers Records)

Phil Kane

phil kane

Let's get one thing straight, 'In The Present – Live From Lyon' is a master class in how this sort of stuff should be done. The sound is crystal clear, the balance is bang on and the musicianship, as you would expect, is effortless in its virtuosity. The album was recorded in 2009 when Yes toured to show off their new vocalist Benoit David.


He does an excellent job too, initially sounding almost identical to Jon Anderson but as you listen you realise that there are subtle differences and this live album is all the better for them. There is a three disc edition of this album with a DVD of concert excerpts and interviews, but the CDs alone more than take care of business.

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The track list includes captivating takes on old classics such as 'Siberian Khatru', 'Roundabout', 'Starship Trooper' and 'Yours Is No Disgrace' but to be honest, if you used a pin to pick a track whilst blind folded you would be guaranteed to pick a killer where ever the pin landed. Yep, it's that good.

I find a lot of progressive stuff suffers from the inability to find and keep a groove, a common blunder amongst the younger progressive outfits. Here, Yes show us that a band does not need to be intricate beyond the comprehension of mere mortals to be progressive and yes, keep that bloody groove. To be progressive does not have to mean continuously changing time signatures and keys and Yes demonstrate this effortlessly on 'In The Present – Live From Lyon'.

Even the most evangelical Metal head needs to chill occasionally and this album makes the perfect soundtrack for just such a moment. Yes may be a trio of old duffers bolstered by a couple of young whippersnappers but they can still knock out an absolute killer album that sounds fresh and vital. Even the tracks older than your ma-in-law's whalebone corsets sound like they were written yesterday. Excellent. Get it.



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