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'Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory?'
(Purple Factory Records 2012)

Phil Kane

phil kane

tongue who fired the workers

Effectively just a demo, this three track EP is pretty damn impressive in a ragged arsed come-as-you-are sort of way.

On initial listen you will think it is just more pub rock but give it a chance and you'll find that is more due to the amateurish production job than the song writing and musicianship.

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'Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory?' is solid, gritty Metal that has just a touch of alt about it.

As it stands there is nothing that sets it apart from the rest of the herd, yet there is something that suggests Tongue might be onto something as long as they keep that tough, sweaty, heavily tattooed rock n' roll sound that conjures up images of Glasgow back streets on a rainy mid week afternoon (they are Serbian by the way).

An ideal promo tool and gig memento then but there is promise.

So given a decent producer who understands this sort of stuff and they should prove to be a rewarding little rock n' roll band; just not yet.




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