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'Taking Root'

Phil Kane

phil kane

blackwolf taking root

Now here's an interesting little EP. A well produced four track debut, 'Taking Root' hums with the sort of bar-room bollocks that suggests these Bristolian youngsters have a pretty good handle on what it's going to take to get noticed; a variation of the blues rock thing that has seen Bad Co, Thunder and Hurricane Party tread its well worn and often treacherous path.

Where many outfits have in the past had a far too polished approach, Blackwolf retain enough grit to give the music the bite it needs to bring it alive; a Gibson grunt that here is most strongly reminiscent of Brother Cane. Add to that a certain southern boogie quality and you find you have a band and EP that could quite possibly hold its own on any road, in any hick town roadhouse.

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Here dud tracks do not exist. In fact, any one of these could be chosen as the EP's standout moment but if an arm was to be bent it would be a tossup between 'Stairway Ticket' with its strong southern overtones and 'Wayward One', with its 'DC-lite intro getting the nod but tomorrow it could easily be any of the others.

This EP is by no means perfect with the song writing being a bit too loose perhaps but that is a small concern that I'm sure will come right with time.

There is potential here for Blackwolf to be the next big thing and overall 'Taking Root' serves perfectly as a distant early warning of Blackwolf's intent. It is most definitely worth the effort of hunting down a copy.




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