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Taste is a Swedish duo, brothers Christoffer and Felix Borg, whose love of eighties rock is pretty damn obvious with the spirits of Valentine and FM looming large over 'Taste'. Although they have given the album a bang up modern production, there’s no getting away from the signature keyboard parp and clean lines of thirty years ago.

Taste manages to stay the tougher side of candy floss pomp but there are times when the efforts to do so are quite heroic. There are moments, thankfully fleeting, when things do get a little too close to toe curlingly cringe worthy for comfort. Yet, it's all bright shinny smiley life affirming stuff that begs for an open road, a big empty California sky and a convertible with its top down.

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The song writing is snappy and catchy and there is a good chance that with a decent live band behind them the songs would transfer perfectly to the sunny summer afternoon stages of Europe's mega rock fests.

To be honest, despite the boys wearing their hearts on their sleeves, the wholesome 'Taste' could do with a generous injection of steroids; Europe did and look what happened to that lot. Overall, this is an excellent debut that has allowed this pair of new comers to scratch an obviously industrial strength itch but by their next album balls will have hopefully dropped and we will get to hear what these boys are actually capable of.

It is not going to spin everyone’s wheels given its fluffy tendencies yet despite the occasional brush with the insipid, this debut is nonetheless an exceptional shot across our bows.




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