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'Music for Animals'
(Sonic Attack)
Release Date: 23rd January 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

Apparently 'Music For Animals' will force the world to take notice. Sorry chaps but no it won't. But it did rock out half of Cornwall.


Superbutt are a Hungarian Heavy Mmetal band with a singer who sounds like he gargles hog piss and a preference for stoner rock with pace. They could feasibly be grouped in with the likes of Clutch, Southern Whisky Rebellion and Texas Hippie Coalition.

'Music For Animals' is their forth album and is as heavy as fuck and in fact there are parts that are so heavy they loosened the wheel nuts on the work's van. Apparently it is a double album too, but I only got disc one so it will be that that gets worked over. There is free bonus material at

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The problem with this album is that it sounds too samey. I like albums to be given their head and allowed to find and keep a groove but not the same bloody one all the way through. There is a tendency for the album tracks to blend into each other after a while and this is only remedied by the last track, 'The Murder Of Socrates' with its laid mid section but even here they can't stay out of the rut for long.

The quality is good as is the production but the occasional acoustic interludes, as on 'Out Of Reach', are way too few and far between to make a difference so this forty minute album seems to drone on for much longer. The shame of it is that you can hear the album wants to go off elsewhere but the band keep dragging it back to the straight and narrow.

'Music For Animals' is alright and does exactly what it says on the tin, which is no bad thing but it's time to change I think. If Superbutt wish to elevate their next record beyond being just alright, they must inject a bit of depth and variety. Sticking to a groove is all very well but sooner or later they'll end up in a rut and ground out.

Good try though.



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