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'On The Way To Sin City'
(Pure Rock Records)

Phil Kane

phil kane

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Guns Of Glory is a quartet of Finnish young, er, guns with a fixation on early eighties spunk metal. A fixation that has left them with an itch that they have obviously needed to scratch for some time.

There a is a ton of this stuff coming at us from all angles out of Scandinavia at the moment, most of it does a bang up job too. On "On The way To Sin City" Guns of Glory manage to capture a ragged arsed quality that is often missed by others.

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What Guns Of Glory have done is find a direct correlation between Hanoi Rocks, The Sea Hags and "…Outlaw" era Rose Tattoo. The band has taken the sleazy hard rock of the Sunset Strip and strapped it to an engine of relentless punked up Ausie boogie and done it so well it's hard to believe this lot don't come from the Arizona desert or the mean street of Melbourne.

'On The way To Sin City' does not waste any time with pleasantries, getting down instead to business with such intent that it barely lasts half an hour. It is a frantic mad blast of snotty boogie that will certainly not appeal to rock's beautiful ones and will most definitely piss off your significant other.

So the bang you get for your bucks is a very loud short sharp one. With no ballads and no fucking about with any pretensions of artistry, the boys put their collective heads down and just go for it.

'El Savior' motors out of the blocks, kicking the show off with its gang choruses setting the pace for the rest of 'On The way To Sin City'. With the killer twelve bar heads down thrust of 'Whisky Girls' leading the charge, the rest of this rather nifty little album follows hot on its tail with the brooding 'Load Your Guns'. 'Sisters Of Sin, 'Rock 'n' Load', the mighty 'Drive By Lover' and closing track 'Never Stop (That's Rock And Roll)' being particularly noteworthy.

The pace does slacken a bit on occasions; well only the one occasion actually, 'I'm Glad Your Gone' has a rolling quality to its bluster that is helped by a subtle layer of acoustic guitar. That, however, is your lot and even then it is more to do with the intensity of sound rather than tempo.

All in all 'On The way To Sin City is a tuff little rough 'n' tumble rock 'n' roll album that whips along with little ceremony in its enthusiasm to get back down the pub to sink a few. It is the sort of album that, whilst you wring your hands trying to get up the courage to say hello to that sweet young thing at the bar, it would have already had them outside in the back alley. It's not flash and it's not clever but by fuck its good.

If you were around in the eighties when the Antipodean boogie juggernaut looked like it might sweep all before it then 'On The way To Sin City' might just bring back a few happy memories as it happily baits yer neighbours.




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