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'Show Me How To Live'

Phil Kane

phil kane

Well looky here, I do believe I've got myself a live one. This is dramatic stuff. From the moment the band kicks in after the medieval battlefield intro 'Show Me How To Live' clatters along like a coach and horses at full tilt. Throw in songs that have the bombastic hooks of House Of Lords when their writing is on form and what you get is a cracking blast of dark tinged symphonic rock with the sort of grandeur a lot of dedicated gothic Metal bands would kill for.

royal hunt show me how to live

Killer tracks? Well, to be honest there is not a bad track on the album but special mention must go to symphonic grunt of 'Another Man Down', 'Half Past Loneliness', 'Angels Gone' and 'One More Day'. On some tracks, such as 'Hard Rain's Coming' with its harpsichord intro, lurk the merest hint of Scandi-pop which proves to be an absolute bonus when mixed with the album's melodic Metal.

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Overall the album has a big full on cinematic sound with its swirling multi layered key boards and charging guitars.

'Show Me How To Live' is like a proper woman (or fella, your taste is your business) who is shaped to kill. Big, buxom and well rounded with eyes that say she simply will not stop all night and having every intention of proving it.

If you like your Metal big and dramatic then don't bugger about, get 'Show Me How To Live'. You'll love it.



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