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'Got Mixxx?'
(AFM/13th Planet)
Out Now

Phil Kane

phil kane

It's the Revolting Cocks back with an album of remixes, and it is fucking brilliant. Rock, generally speaking, can be argued to be one of, if not the most versatile of musical genres. You can mix it, shape it, add to it or strip it right back. There is not much you can't do with it and here, with "Got Mixxx?", I get to rest my case yet again. Each track on "Got Mixxx?" is reminiscent of the old 12" vinyl remix dance edits that used to be all the rage.


Revco have taken trashy subjects, added techno, German electronica and industrial Metal in equal measures, mixed them all up and injected a big dose of sleaze and humour, applied a classy high-end production and come up with something that sounds fucking great. Metal to get any dance-floor heaving.

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If Rammstein and Epochate banged up Kraftwerk, this album would be the result. To some, it will be too crass, tasteless and raunchy for their fragile sensibilities but, to the rest of us, "Got Mixxx?" will hit the mark with the efficiency of a much-needed glass of ice-cold beer after a hard day at work.

You know that sweet young thing that you've had your beady eye on at work since someone told you they banged like a train? The one that thinks you've got lovely hair but is a bit of a dance-floor demon who apparently hates Metal? Yes? Well, this album will not only get them shaking their thing on the dance-floor but shaking their thing all over you too.

Excellent. Get it.



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