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'We Are The Brokenhearted'
Released: 2nd December 2011

Phil Kane

phil kane

'We Are The Brokenhearted' is Beggars & Thieves' third album which, considering their longevity, is not a lot; it is their first recorded output in twelve years. Has it been worth the wait? Not really, no.


By no means a bad album, 'We Are The Brokenhearted' isn't a killer either. The band's overall sound has changed very little since their first album and while 'We Are The Brokenhearted' may be Beggars & Thieves' best album yet, it remains devoid of any bite.

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Yes, it has the big guitars, bigger songs and a sound that is as big as Jordan's left cup, but when it should be nagging and harrying for your attention, it just asks politely instead. There are no bad tracks on this album but nor are there any absolute knockouts. 'Midnight Blue', 'We Come Undone' and 'Stranded' come close but even they are polite unassuming lumps that desperately need a damn good kick up the backside.

'We Are The Brokenhearted' is high quality melodic rock that does not have quite enough spark to lift it out of the 'music to play while you do something else' category. It is the perfect background album for playing whilst you write your shopping list or drive to work, rather than the full-tilt soundtrack to a freefall skydiving session. If you were to try baiting the neighbours with this one then the chances are they would be asking who it is rather than telling you to turn it down - and that, people, is a real shame.



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