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AFM Records
Release Date: 20th January 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

I've said it before but I'll say it again anyway. Rock is a fantastically flexible medium in which to work. You can add to it or strip it right back. Wagner and Beethoven would be just as at home in it as Chuck Berry and Joe Strummer. Stahlmann, with its dance floor groove thing demonstrates that it can mix it up elsewhere too.

stahlmann quecksilber

This lot are from Germany, like to paint themselves silver, take subtle cues from Kraftwerk and know how to mix industrial grunt with clubland sass. The songs reign in the Teutonic propensity for the heavy atmosphere of goth foreboding and let the dance beat have a bit of head creating a glorious chunk of German menace, the formula of which first appeared in the mid 90s with the likes of Die Krupps and was later perfected by Rammstein.

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Basically 'Quecksilber' is the sort of mix the Germans seem very good at. 'Mein Leib', 'Tanzmaschine' (and its club remix) and 'Spring Nicht' are great stompers and 'Schermz' is simply immense.

If you are lucky enough to have a local dj who is not afraid to try something a little different, he'll probably find that most of the tracks on this album will put bodies on his dance floor.

Be warned however, 'Quecksilber' is not an album for your average glitzy nightclub. Oh no. It would be far more at home in one of those illicit subterranean Berlin clubs where it is dangerous, hot, steamy, camp and pumping; less background music for a drunkenly fumbled one night stand and more a soundtrack to a weekend of none stop, full on industrial strength feral carnal depravity.

Failing that, it is an excellent album to let the neighbours know you are putting your slap on ready for a good night out.

Get it.



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