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(Artscare Records)
Release Date: 5th March 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

Dunno what that genré classification is supposed to be but Rock In Your Pocket is an alt rock power trio from Bristol. They have been putting the hours in getting their shit together playing support slots with Sensor and The Computers and others as well as playing their own gigs.

rock in your pocket

'Gutterdub' is their debut album and it is a short snappy 33 minute smack in the gob of visceral alt rock. There are lots of squeals, pickup switch toggling and eerie feedback effects that give the album's jangly crunch the sound of old disused factories and industrial wastelands.

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Overall however, the band mercifully resists the temptation to show us how clever they are and let the album keep its groove.

With the vampish Goth vocals of bassist Charlie Beddoes perfectly complimenting the album's jagged-arsed heavy industrial sound there are plenty of killer tracks. 'Doubtbox', 'You Only Love Me When You're Drunk', 'Take It To The Grave', 'Yeah Yeah Parts One and Two' and 'Nobody's Bitch But Mine' all have a tough cranked up intensity that is quite impressive, with seemingly minimal use of overdubs.

'Ditch The Witch' and 'Le Son De L'Argent' (Dirty Hands) have an echoic rocked up dub groove going on and overall the song writing is catchy and the playing is uncomplicated. The only fly in the ointment is their youthful naivety but a few club tours should sharpish remedy that.

This cracking little album could prove very popular with underground alty nightclubs and very risqué backstreet boutiques that sell fancy ladies leather gear. This means only moneyed nobs, pretentious arseholes and desperate housewives will ever get to hear 'Gutterdub' and that's a shame because it deserves better.

Most definitely worth a punt.



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