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'Animal Attraction'

Phil Kane

phil kane

Here you are people; this is how it's done.

dear superstar damned religion

This album has been receiving rave reviews left, right and centre and in this instance the herd has pretty much got it right. It is a top notch, class A1 killer; a boppy, feel good sleaze bomb tour de force of an album. Everything that a great rock n' roll record should have is on 'Animal Attraction'. Great songs, a production job to die for and one hell of a dance floor groove.

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I'm not going to do a track by track thing as that would be pointless so late in the day. What I will say is that Reckless Love has plundered the juiciest pop Metal bits from the rock n' roll archives and used them to build 'Animal Attraction'.

There are the big choruses of Def Leppard, White Lion's pyrotechnics and Poison's sunny pop nous. The album occasionally gets a little too close to mimicry (step forward 'Dirty Dreams' with its Mister Mister chorus melody) but then originality was never going to be an issue here anyway.

Now, that lot should make 'Animal Attraction' sound tired and dated but it doesn't and I'll tell you why. The band has taken latter-day Europe's drive ('Fight' and 'Switchblade Baby'), Van Halen's timeless chutzpah ('Young 'N' Crazy', 'Hot', 'Coconuts' and 'Speedin''), injected it with Bon Jovi's dance bounce ('Born To Break Your Heart' and 'On The Radio') and welded it all together with their modern take on classic rock.

You'll spend hours trying to work out which bit comes from where but really this is such a fantastic rocked up groover that comes so close to being a dance floor slayer that you'll not care where they were nicked from.

The album shows that not only does Reckless Love have a firm grasp on what makes a great sleazy hard rock dance record, it also has the love and affection to get the mix right.

Is this album thirty years too late? Perhaps. Back in the day when Kiss' 'Crazy Nights' ruled the roost, this sort of disposable bubblegum stuff packed out the dance floor at the Mayfair every Friday night and were it not for the fact the fuckers demolished the place, 'Animal Attraction' would probably do the same again.

Reckless Love has given a very tired, nay moribund, Metal genre a new lease of life by shoving the sharpened stick of youth up its arse and applying the cowboy boot of sleaze pop to its head. Even the most fanatical of extreme Metal goblins or miserable Goth ghouls could surely not prevent their booted foot tapping along to something on here.

There have been a few dissenting voices crying out from the wilderness complaining about immature lyrics but that's like going down on the muffin and moaning about the pube that gets stuck between your teeth.

It comes with the damned territory and all the better for it too. Some folk just don't know how to have a good time. If not yourself, then 'Animal Attraction' will get your old lady shaking her thing round the house. In fact, it did such a good number on mine, I did not see daylight for two days. Now that is how rock n' roll should be.

This came out in October 2011 so you should already have a copy but if you have not then take all effective measures to remedy the situation. Pronto!



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