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'Disclosing The Vicious Seeds'
(Rock N Growl)
Release Date: 17th March 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

Cold Rush are a German band and this is a two track teaser for the up and coming release of their 'AmoKKoma' album. The tracks, the plodding 'Daily Crime (Second Edition)' and the shouty 'White Z', are the sort of electro industrial Metal that the Germans are pretty damn good at.

cold rush Disclosing The Vicious Seeds

Lacking the dark polish of Rammstein or Stahlmann or the sense of humour of Revco, Cold Rush achieve a sound that is quite brutal; the EP is predominantly a guitar driven affair with the electronic stuff kept under tight control. It is an unsubtle mix that at times sounds pretty desolate and as far as industrial Metal goes 'Disclosing The Vicious Seeds' is ok.

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It is as heavy as fuck and will definitely piss your mum off when played at even half volume but it is by no means innovative and the gobby hard core vocals diminish the overall bleak atmosphere of the music.

This EP has all the right ingredients but Cold Rush need to tighten things up, lose the doom vox and English lyrics and make their drummer kick a dance groove if they are to be capitalized on.

A worthy neighbour baiter it most definitely is but it's not an obvious dance floor knicker stripper.



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