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'Rock n' Roll Ride'
Release Date: 26th March 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

jack blades rock n roll ride

Now this is how it's done. It's an unfortunate fact that the old guard can still knock stuff out that leaves the young guns standing and 'Rock n' Roll Ride' is a case in point. Not content with the busy of Nightranger, ol' Jack has rounded up a few of his pals, Brad Gillis, Kelly Keagy, Joel Hoekstra, Eric Levy and Robin Zander, and with their help knocked out a cracker of a melodic rock album.

What makes 'Rock n' Roll Ride' such a good album is that they've mixed things up a bit, going beyond the usual rocker/ballad mix. Of course there are the shin kickers with the likes of 'Say You Will', the title track and 'Back In The Game' and for all you pussycats there are (mercifully only) a couple of ballads with 'Hey Now' with its gospel keyboards and 'Hardest Word To Say'.

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Then the album diversifies further with the cheesy 'Love Life' and 'Born For This' and their upbeat us-against-the-world drive that Bon Jovi pretty much invented. 'Don't Give Up', 'Anything For You' and 'West Hollywood' are the sort of laid back small town story telling that Tom Petty and Springsteen are renowned for.

In lesser hands the album would probably be a disjointed mess but not with this lot. Primarily a rock album, it's eclecticism means it could also hold its own as a proper chunk of rocked up Hicksville Americana.

'Rock n' Roll Ride' is a big, well rounded rock album that has it's curves in all the right places and a great groove. A good album to have on as you drive with the sunroof down and the wind in your hair.



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