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'Will Wallner And Vivien Vain'

Phil Kane

phil kane

jack blades rock n roll ride

If you are a fan of rocked up AOR/melodic rock then don't waste time reading any further. Just get this eponymous debut from Will Wallner And Vivien Vain, find a very long straight piece of road that lasts longer then forty minutes at 70+ mph and just drive with this cranked right up on the car's stereo.

Will Wallner and Vivien Vain met after arriving in America from Europe. Discovering they shared similar musical tastes they began to write together. After a year performing around LA they ran into Carmine and Vinny Appice who, after hearing the Wallner And Vain demo, agreed to perform drums on their debut album. The project has since evolved to feature several other high calibre guests such as Brian Tichy, Rudy Sarzo, Tony Franklin, Jimmy Bain, Derek Sherinian and Tony Carey with Wallner and Vain performing all guitars and vocals respectively.

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So with such a serious amount of firepower you would expect this fucker to have the kick of a ten ton mule and you would be right.

Will Wallner And Vivien Vain, with the help of such a top notch backing band, have put together a cracking thirty eight minute dose of top notch melodic rock. Every track on here is superb and quite frankly, short as it may seem, the running time is just perfect. Some have complained about the vocals but to be honest Vain keeps it simple, giving a straight down the line, nothing fancy rock chic performance that suits this stuff to a tee.

AOR history is littered with albums that have contributors that, on paper at least, should have guaranteed a class A1 top notch listen but have turned out to be utter shite. This debut on the other hand, is the dog's fucking bollocks: a master class in the construction and execution of great AOR and every home should have one.

All the crack shot musos involved with this album should be justifiably proud of themselves. I only have one query: how the fuck did Will Wallner And Vivien Vain manage to pay such a big name band because I'm sure they would not have come cheap?

Still, this album is awesome. Get it.



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