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'Dig In Deep'
Release Date: 23rd April 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

tyketto dig in deep

If you are reading this wondering who Tyketto are then where the fuck have you been, planet Zog? Very quickly; this band hails from New Jersey where they formed in 1990. Their debut release, 'Don't Come Easy', was put out in 1991 and over time has become a bit of a cult classic. Despite losing their mojo a few times, these boys have been knocking around in one form or another ever since. Whilst Tyketto has never achieved arena filling status, it has sold a lot of albums worldwide becoming a bit of a underground favourite in the process.

'Dig In Deep' is Tyketto's sixth album and the first in seventeen years to be recorded by the original line up. It's a sunshiny good time stomper of a rock n' roller that will put a big ol' shit lickin' grin on yer face. The wait has been worth it too as albums as good as this just don't come 'round very often but when they do living no longer seems quite so bad.

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These boys shit this sort of high end rough arsed, hip grinding AOR stuff at will. Think a bluesy American version of The Answer; it's that kind of groove. The opener, 'Faithless', is a bit of a Metallic curve ball being the heaviest thing on here, despite the George Martin strings moment in the middle but it lacks the slap happy good nature of the rest of the album.

Yet with the following 'Love To Love' this album kicks in proper heralding the arrival of big goofy grooves and even bigger bouncy riffs. From that point on you know that it's all going to be just fine.

Of the mercifully few ballads only the maudlin violin iced harbinger and album closer 'This Is How We Say Goodbye' comes close to detracting from the album's sunny disposition. Overall, this record is one hell of a joyous, life affirming, riff heavy hip swinger.

'Dig In Deep' is not as good as the band's 'Don't Come Easy' and 'Shine' albums but it is not far short of the mark. Nonetheless, after five years it is a more than welcome return from a band that tends to let the silences between albums drag on a bit too long.

If you are already a fan then why are you wasting ten precious minutes of your life reading this? Just get it.

However, for the uninitiated who have just returned from interplanetary travel, 'Dig In Deep' makes a damn good point of entry introduction to this cracking little outfit.



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