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'Another Night Of Passion'
Release Date: 26th March 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

mad max another night of passion

This band was originally poised for Yankee greatness back in 87 with their fourth album 'Night Of Passion'. Record company fuckwittery, however, scuppered all that and damned the band and album to oblivion. Now the original line-up of Mad Max has reunited to bring us this album of brand new material and what a little cracker it is too.

A long overdue direct follow on from that last album, 'Another Night Of Passion' is unashamedly retro with big choruses and driving songs. It is the sound of a hot car cruising on a long straight road of shimmering tarmac with its top down and the hot wind blowing through your hair.

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A fantastic slice of Teutonic melodic Metal that will sit very nicely with all those other fantastic slices of Teutonic melodic Metal that are currently sat on your cd shelf or scattered across your death decks. It's a joyous celebration of the art of Metal that bounces about like an over enthusiastic puppy. Its Metal not far removed from that of Edguy.

For album standouts you can just take your pick as there are no duff 'uns as such. If you insist however, there's the Leppard chorus of 'Metal Edge', 'Welcome To Rock Bottom''s stomp and 'The Chant' with its Accept groove. The moody instrumental 'True Blue', the party time rock of 40 Rock, the double kick thrust of Black Swan or the retro Rocklahoma (yes ok, the titles are a little, er, clichéd) are all good places to start too.

I think 'Fever Of Love' was originally done by Sweet and whilst it's ok, there are so many other good tracks that a cover of anything is a bit unnecessary.

In short, you can pretty much rely on the fact the Germans can knock out a good hard melodic rock album with a flick of the wrist and Mad Max has done just that with 'Another Night Of Passion'.

With so many excellent melodic rock albums knocking about at the moment, Mad Max will have to work hard to be heard above the clamour. Will they succeed? I hope so because 'Another Night Of Passion' is certainly no excuse for failure.

Excellent. Get it.



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