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'Second Honeymoon'

Phil Kane

phil kane

Craaft Second Honeymoon

If you like your melodic rock to be solidly built with catchy choruses and damn good playing then you will love this. The overall sound is at the Bonfire end of the AOR spectrum and has more than enough grunt to avoid being damned as fluffy. 'Second Honeymoon' (or just 'Craaft' in the US) was originally released in 1988 and is a lot heavier than Craaft's debut. The keyboards have been reigned in and the guitars cut loose a bit more.

Some would argue that along with Bonfire's Fireworks, this is the best AOR album to ever come out of Germany. That's debatable perhaps but the fact is this is another cracker of a re-release from Yesterrock. A must have album for the fan of AOR in general and eighties AOR in particular.

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Killers? The first three solid tracks, 'Run Away', 'Twisted Up All Inside' and 'Chance Of Your Life', are good places to start, the last being particular noteworthy. Then there are 'Illusions', 'Running On Love' and 'Gimme What You've Got'; there are loads of them in fact.

As extras there are three demos from 87 which are pretty damn good but you can hear why they are just demos, 'Take It Easy' especially gets dangerously close to the sort of insipid Euro rock that Eurovision loves.

The label has done a bang up job on the re-mastering but there are still features that firmly peg 'Second Honeymoon' as a product of the eighties. There are the Power Station style synths that merrily toot away, the whomp of syndrums and the (mercifully few) ballads get a bit cheesy, especially 'Jane'.

Yet these are small sins considering you get sixteen tracks of typically crunching eighties German melodic rock with a running time of seventy five minutes and in any ones book that's got to be some pretty big bang for your bucks.



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