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Release Date: 23rd April 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

torche harmonicraft

Now here's something that's a little different. On initial listen Harmonicraft comes across as a Dinosaur Junior cast off, a bit of a two dimensional distortion driven punk fest with ersatz doom pretensions.

Yet persevere and you will discover subtleties that were overlooked the first time round. Opener 'Letting Go' is punchy punk Metal edged with jangling Celtic flourishes like the sort of stuff that could result from Big Country getting banged up by The Wildhearts.

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There's the stoner groove of 'Reverse Inverted' and 'In Pieces' and the skater punk thrash outs of 'Walk It Off' and 'Sky Trials'.

The endlessly repeated riff of the title track has a tribal trance jam thing going on before it nosedives into the doom dirge of 'Looking On'. In fact, Torche's doom heritage peppers the album, not least on 'Roaming'.

With a production job being a warts and all display of power, anything on here would suit the soundtrack of one of those cult new age shoestring surfer comp DVDs. For a band hailing from Miami, it sounds absolutely nothing like it should.

Sounding overall like a band chucking their instruments down several flights of stairs, Torche do to melodic Metal what Jim Jones does to rock n' roll; sodomise it to within an inch of its life then leaves it, bleeding and bruised, in a garbage strewn back alley.

There will be clever bastards who would tell you this is some sort of hybrid alt rock; well it's not. 'Harmonicraft' is a lump of truly rough as fuck rock n' roll excellence.

Get it.



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