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'My Dynamite'
(Listenable Records)

Phil Kane

phil kane

my dynamite

The groove of this album was pretty much nailed by the Stones, Faces and Humble Pie in the early seventies. Then twenty years later, it was resurrected and reclaimed by The Black Crowes. None of those outfits will probably get knocked off their pedestals but it does not hurt to have a few more bands having a go and here we have the latest, Australia's My Dynamite.

On initial listen, My Dynamite come across as Crowes copyists. Then you realise that is just because of the vocals. Get past those and things take a different turn. Yes, 'My Dynamite' has that laid back mix of funked up blues, stomping 12 bar and a country picking slide thing that comes straight out of Georgia's back woods.

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Yet, instead of the stoned out shambles that could (and with other bands, has) resulted, this album has a more pointed focus. More Quireboys than the frankly overrated Dogs, it does not have the drive of the Satellites but I think Dan and his Homemade Sin would strongly approve of its straight forward good time hip swinging country groove.

Underneath all that bubble other more subtle influences. The barroom piano could be straight out of the late great Billy Powell's song book and the lead guitar work drops into the groove that Skynyrd and the Doobies used to hit so easily. Despite the southern thing never being too far away, comparisons are not as straight forward as you'd think.

This is an album for those lazy hot summer afternoons sitting in the shade after the chores are done and it's just you, yer dog and a gentle breeze keeping you company as you sip on a Jack and blow on a reefer. It's a delight to find that in the over clocked hubbub of hell's creation there are still albums like this getting released that offer an hour's release from the pay offs, rip offs and things nobody saw.

There are no killer tracks as such, none of the songs here get out of fourth gear and nothing really sticks in the head when the album has done playing but when it's on, oh Lord have mercy, it sounds so, so good.

They've got that southern bouncy swaggering groove down pat and with the added grit that only the Ausies seem to have, they've created an album that, whilst not being a classic, certainly goes a long way to numbing the pain of living.

If you are already familiar with the likes of The Steamboat Band, Deadstring Bros, Dirty Sweets and Kingbaby then you'll know what to expect. Just get it when you get yer next bottle of whisky, kick back, relax and let My Dynamite lift the load off your shoulders for an hour or so.

Fucking great stuff.



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