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'Bye Bye Lullaby'
(AFM Records)
Release Date: 25th May 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

the murder of my sweet bye bye lullaby

The comparisons of The Murder Of My Sweet to the symphonic big hitters Evanescence and Nightwish are inevitable and arguably justifiable. But only just. Yes, they are Scandinavian and yes they are yet another female fronted symphonic Metal band. Their sound, however, is big with a foot occasionally straying into AOR territory and a sprinkle of Eurometal's sparkle, yet the dark spirit of fairy tale Gothic hovers ever close by.

They are pegged by the promo bumph as Cinematic Rock and Bye Bye Lullaby does have the pretensions of a film soundtrack in places. Featured guest appearances by Jesper Strömblad (In Flames), Peter Wichers (Soilwork) and Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth) add some considerable weight to the proceedings but it is vocalist Angelica Rylin who impresses, her performance here is simply towering. The beauty of her delivery is in the simplicity; no over egged angst ridden octave scaling antics here.

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Usually, this sort of stuff either gets the Wagnerian Brundhilde or the screaming witchipoo vocal treatment but Rylin keeps it sultry with a voice that is like an old whisky; smooth and silky with a subtle bite. Whatever the genre fascists say though, if you like your rock orchestral and heavy then you'll like this.

'Bye Bye Lullaby' is a cracking album with 'Idolize' being the killer track. It is a simple, straight down the line, great catchy commercial stomper that stands front and centre as the obvious lead-off single. 'Kind Of Lousy' and 'Fallen' are both perfect radio fodder with 'Black September' having a nice driving groove to it.

The album does nonetheless carry a dud in 'Meant To Last Forever'; a Eurovision lighter waver of monumental proportions though this can be looked upon as just a slight aberration in view of the album's generally excellent quality. Overall, the album's keyboard laced groove is quite catchy and I suspect would pass as a pop album in the frozen north.

'Bye Bye Lullaby' is a pompous, bombastic and sweeping album. It picks up where the last album, 'Divanity', left off taking a big enough step forward to hook in new fans whilst remaining deep enough in its old groove to keep the band's existing fans happy.

In short, it's fucking enormous!



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