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kevlar bikini explosidisiac

Considering this is an independent release, there are some pretty big guns involved with 'Explosidisiac', although it is difficult to tell if they thought Kevlar Bikini was a band worth engaging with or the band did a load of extra gigs to pay for their services. It is mixed by producer Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Refused, Hellacopters, Katatonia, At The Gates, Backyard Babies and Grave amongst others) and mastered by Pelle Henricsson (Meshuggah, Poison the Well, In Flames, Raised Fist...).

Kevlar Bikini are a four piece from Croatia that have been together since 2010 and this is their debut album. Apparently, this bunch of seasoned musicians formed Kevlar Bikini to create music they wanted to hear. It is a mix of hardcore and punk with a dollop of good ol' fashioned rock n' roll that occasionally threatens to tip the album into heavy duty Rockabilly territory. If 'Explosidisiac' was a new born baby it would have come ready tooled up with DM's, knuckledusters and a DA.

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There are no standout killer tracks as such but despite some misfiring ideas and ripples of tiresome east European zaniness, 'Explosidisiac' manages to keep a tight grasp on its groove. With the exception of 'Urinea' when the album finally takes a short breather, the album is pretty much a full on affair that rocks like a bastard yet as the last chords fade into the ether so does any suggestion that the album was ever there at all.

Unoriginal without a hint of irony, 'Explosidisiac' sounds like an album created by an old fashioned rock n' roll band that has just discovered punk and Metal for the first time. If you are partial to Lemmy's recent dalliance with some Stray Cats then you might enjoy this but don't expect it to light up your life.



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