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'We Are The Others'
(Roadrunner Records)
Release Date: 4th June 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

savage sons of malice

'We Are The Others' is big, Gothic and dramatic, everything a good symphonic rocker should be. The band has cited Sophie Lancaster* (the British teenager murdered in 2007 because of the way she looked) as a major source of inspiration for the album, stating that 'We Are The Others' is their own outsider's anthem, a call to arms; a plea to one percenters everywhere, men and women, to stand their ground and give the world the finger.

It has been produced by the Tripod Production Squad of Jacob Hellner (Rammstein and Apocalyptica), Fredrik Thomander and Anders Wikström (Scorpions and Backyard Babies) and by God, you can't half tell but as massive as it sounds, there remains an eerily subtle Gothic thing running through it. In short, this album is fantastic.

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There will be inevitable comparisons to Nightwish and Within Temptation, yet despite the keyboards being reigned in this time, it's the vocals where the main difference lays. Singer Charlotte Wessels is mercifully not a Wagnerian operatic banshee, rather her voice has a softer, measured quality that demands it not be pushed into scales amongst stratospheric octaves.

The quieter moments on 'We Are The Others' demonstrate she seems just as comfortable singing gentle Celtic airs as full tilt Metal. With the combination of that voice, absolutely top notch songs and the symphonic groove, this album is nigh on irresistible. The comparisons may be justifiable but they come nowhere close to describing how good this album is.

The three tracks that kick off 'We Are The Others', 'Mother Machine', 'Electricity' and the title track are absolute killers. The contrasting vocals of 'Where Is The Blood', a love duet with Fear Factory's Burton C Bell, work surprisingly well and 'Get The Devil Out Of Me' and 'Generation Me' are driven symphonic Metal perfection.

The formidable 'We Are The Others' is Delain's third album and by far their best. It harnesses the power of top flight orchestrated Metal with the impressive song writing that allows the songs a degree of catchiness that hooks you in almost as soon as the play button is pressed. If it does not catapult the band onto greater things then there really is no hope for anybody.

Get it or be damned!

*The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is a charity set up to help challenge the prejudice and intolerance people from alternative subcultures face on an everyday basis and to campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from 'alternative subcultures' or 'Lifestyle and Dress'. They do a lot of good work so check them out at Thanks



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