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'We Who Feel Our Lobes Of Penitence Groped By Things With Petrol Claws'

Phil Kane

phil kane

Vengeance And The Panther Queen We Who Feel Our Lobes

Being described as Punk-Metal-Party Rock Mentalist and with a title like 'We Who Feel Our Lobes Of Penitence Groped By Things With Petrol Claws' you'd expect this four track EP to be something so alt as to be almost incomprehensible; far too clever for its own good. You would be mistaken.

On this EP Vengeance And The Panther Queen have distilled the snotty party punk attitude out of bands like TKO and mixed it up with a bohemian New York punk groove.

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Of the four tracks here, three are originals and one, 'I Hate Work', a middling cover. The EP is self produced by the band too.

It's noisy in an irritating brattish sort of way that does not know what it wants to be. It's too punk to be alt and too spiky and groove averse to be punk except for 'Party Fight' which comes across as the sort of thing East European bands come up with when they try to be crazy and shocking.

To say 'I Hate Work' is the best track here pretty much sums it all up and the DIY production does not help.

'We Who Feel Our Lobes...' is not the worst punk EP that you'll hear but perhaps for their next foray into the studio, the band should consider getting a producer who would be able to help them give a bit more focus to their vision.

The snotty attitude of this band is such that any criticism would just elicit a response along the lines of "if you don't like it why are you still here? Fuck off and listen to something else."

So, why are you still here?



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