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'The Chasing Dark' EP

Phil Kane

phil kane

the chasing dark

'The Chasing Dark' EP is an accomplished four track showcase that sounds like Black Label Society with John Wetton on vocals, prowling the same territory as the now defunct Road Star.

Citing the usual gaggle of influences, Sabbath, Dio, Metallica etc... this Bradford band play the sort of stuff that harks back to the heady days of the eighties. They describe their stuff as incendiary but it is generally too plodding for that with the exception of 'To Be' which cracks along at a rate of knots promising much for the future.

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This is a proficient, if generic, debut EP that unfortunately lacks the zip of originality and so will have difficulty getting noticed in today's overcrowded and clamorous Metal market place.

Nevertheless, it offers a good foundation on which to build and given a fair wind and a modicum of luck there is no reason why The Chasing Dark cannot build a decent career for itself.



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