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'The Inherited Repression'
(Nuclear Blast)

Jools Green

jools green

psycroptic the inherited represssion

Tasmania's 'Psycroptic' have come a long way since their formation in 1999 and their first release, 'The Isle Of Disenchantment' in 2001. 'The Inherited Repression' is their fifth studio album and the band have made a massive progression from their last studio album, 'Ob(servant)' (2008).

It's much more complex, more dynamic and has better vocals. Musically they have managed to maintain a solid structure, something that can sometimes be lacking in a Technical Death album, particularly if a band tries to get too technical, but these guys have got it just right with this album.

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It's Technical Metal but with more of a 'groove' to it, giving a polished, sophisticated feel. They have completely surpassed my expectations.

The band consist of Jason Peppiatt on vocals, who has really worked on his vocal performance since the last album, Joe Haley on guitars, an absolute riff master, perfectly complemented by David Haley's precise drumming and Cameron Grant on bass. Musically they are a really tight unit. Their genuine love of writing, creating and performing music is evident in the final product.

This is an album of nine excellent tracks and there are none I would skip.

It starts with 'Carriers Of The Plague', fast precise riffs balanced with powerful vocals and an absolute belter of an opening track. The album continues in this manner and is very listenable from start to finish.

Another track which stood out for me and is possibly my favourite was 'Euphorinasia' which begins with an 'exotic' acoustic opening which suddenly bursts into an absolute 'face ripper' of a track.

Also 'Unmasking the Traitors' stood out from a lyrical perspective with me. Often I find myself disregarding the lyrical content because my mind is concentrating on other aspects with Technical Metal, but not this time.

The theme, a situation many can relate to; that of deception and treachery.

The album ends with 'The Sleepers Have Awoken' which has a slightly slower tempo. A good end to the album and one that had me hitting the play button to listen all over again.

This album will be on my favourites list for a long while. For me, an extreme Metal masterpiece! I love it!

I will be catching them on their UK tour in February and am looking forward to seeing the live performance.



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