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'Mock The Weak'
(Rising records)

Jools Green

jools green

fourth autumn mock the weak

For starters, Fourth Autumn are a four piece, blackened Death Metal band, from Newport, Wales consisting of; Daniel Cousins on drums and vocals, Julian Cousins on guitars and vocals, Jason Robinson on lead guitar and Chris Phillips on Bass. 'Mock The Weak' is their first album and to say that it is an impressive offering is an understatement, in my opinion! I was completely blown away by it!!

There's always something that makes an impression on me on the first listen of an album and with this one it was the maniacal percussive explosions of awesome drumming. Combine that with the frantic crushing guitars and it makes for an absolute face melting sound. I do have a particular passion for blackened Death Metal so maybe I am biased.

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I liked also the fact that there were two vocalists. The combination of screams and growls adds further depth and interest. I would not have liked the album half as much had there only been screams just because I have a preference for deeper growly vocals.

The first track, 'Rotting Hill' is a brutal opener and further into the album I got the more I liked it.

Ten excellent tracks with enough variation to keep me interested to the end, with an abundance of guitar solos scattered throughout to top it off. Definitely a 'Behemoth' influence to the sound and it reminded me a little of 'Lost Soul' at times, in fact if asked I would have said that I thought Fourth Autumn were a Polish band, had I not known they were from Wales.

Another thing that I really liked was the black humour in the song titles and the lyrics, particularly 'Rigor Mortis (Makes Me Stiff)'. A sure sign that although they are serious about their music they don't take themselves too seriously and that's got to be a good thing.

So, there you have it - all in all, excellent. Go buy it!!



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