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'Blood For The Master'
(Metal Blade)

Jools Green

jools green

goatwhore blood for the master

Goatwhore, spewing forth from New Orleans, have been the ferocious face of Blackened Death Metal for fifteen years. Boasting the terrifying tonsils of Louis B Falgoust on vocals, Sammy Duet, ex Acid Bath/Crowbar, on backing vocals and guitars, James Harvey on bass and Zach Simmonds, ex Nachtmystium, on drums, the result is a frantic assault on the eardrums and I wouldn't want it any other way!

'Blood For The Master' is the fifth full length album from Goatwhore. Following on from their convention shattering 'Carving Out The Eyes Of God' (2009), the band have had their work cut out to improve on what was an absolute ear-shredding masterpiece. No one's going home disappointed though, they have and how!!

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The dual vocals of Louis and Sammy are amazingly effective because they are similar enough to blend together but different enough to give a power and depth. At times you find yourself wondering whether there are one or two vocalists on vocal duty.

Add to this the incessant, fast paced guitars, maniacal drumming all tied together with a solid set of lyrics and you have the framework for an album of epic Metal proportions.

This album consists of ten excellent tracks and choosing a favourite is pretty much impossible. The standard and pace is consistent throughout the whole album. Because of this consistently high standard the tracks seem to flow pretty much into each other, sweeping you along with them.

Although I can't choose a standout track' because they are all equally excellent, I have to say some of the lyrics really floated my Goat because of their brutal yet poetic, occult heavy content.

I could have picked an extract from pretty much any of the tracks but this is just one example, from the opening track;

"Bound in serpent's coil,
"A final breath beneath this bitter soul,
"Fractured hands of time,
"These frozen moments of a sick design,
"Spoiled with ageless blood,
(From 'Collapse In Eternal Worth')

The album was recorded in St Petersburg, Florida at Mana recording studios and produced by Eric Rutan, friend of the band, who also worked with Goatwhore on 'A Haunting Curse' (2006) and 'Carving Out The Eyes Of God' (2009).

As a result the same excellent standard achieved on both of those albums is continued in 'Blood For The Master'. This is an essential album in any serious Metalhead's collection



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