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'The Arts Of Destruction'
(Metal Blade Records)
Release Date: 27th February 2012

Jools Green

jools green

desaster the arts of destruction

In my opinion, Desaster have not received half the recognition they deserve. These guys are awesome! They should be in every Metalhead's CD collection, yet the Teutonic Black Thrash Metallers seem to have been Koblenz's best kept secret. They have been together since 1988 and 'The Arts Of Destruction' is their seventh full length album but you can add to that, an extensive back catalogue of over 20 releases in the form of demos, split releases, tapes and singles.

The band take their name from the Destruction song 'Total Desaster' so no, it's not a typo. The current line-up consists of Infernal on Guitars, who is the only original member, Odin on Bass, Tormentor on drums and Sataniac on vocals.

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Follow up to the excellent previous studio album, 'Satan's Soldier's Syndicate'(2007), 'The Arts Of Destruction' is eleven head crushing tracks of raw vocals, sharp riffs and pounding drums and is guaranteed to keep you head banging from start to finish.

The 'Intro' opens with a tolling bell and pounding drum beats, building atmosphere before breaking into the title track 'The Arts Of Destruction', classic Black Metal, Sataniac opening with his sinister laugh before breaking into his raw, trademark vocals.

'Lacerate With Hands Of Doom' is a thrashier number, as is 'Splendour Of The Idols' which opens with blackened guitars before developing into a face ripper of a track. I love 'Phantom Funeral' just for the exotic eastern style guitars. Layer over the top the raw moaning vocals and you have an absolute winner.

The Blackened Thrash of 'Beyond Your Grace' contains sinister laughter and screams to embellish the vocals throughout from Sataniac. Ending with 'Outro', a beautiful, haunting almost saddening instrumental, I defy you to not hit the play button again. I did.

I don't really have a favourite track because it is hard to choose from so many excellent songs but at over eight minutes in length, the epic award goes to 'Possessed And Defiled'. This seems long but it's a slow building track, opening with slower, haunting guitars which gradually become faster and then the vocals kick in. There are a lot of tempo change too and this helps to keep the mind interested and by the end you have this feeling that you have undertaken quite a journey.

'The Arts Of Destruction' was recorded at ToxoMusic Studios, mastered by Temple of Disharmony and available for you to buy and enjoy on February 27th. Go on, you know you want to!!



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