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  BEST OF 2012

jools green

Jools Green

bolt thrower

Best band of 2012 - Bolt Thrower

For holding their 25th anniversary party, giving the fans five bands for a £5 admission fee, and donating all the profits to charity.

Best album of 2012 - God Seed: 'I Begin'

Not an easy choice as 2012 has been an excellent year for Extreme Metal, but this is the best album I didn't review.

Carrying on from where Ghaal left off with Gorgoroth. It's black and sinister but the progressive edge gives such a polished and sophisticated feel to the sound. I am glad he lost the court case over the rights to the Gorgoroth name, otherwise he would never have made this astounding album.

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Best single/EP of 2012 - The EP 'Into The Dark' by Ancient Ascendant

It ticks all the boxes for me, dark Death Metal with a catchy groove, the perfect balance of melody and brutality. The vocal range of Alex Butler is astounding and the level of musicianship from the rest of the band is excellent.

Best gig of 2012 - Agalloch at the Camden Underworld in April

An impressively long set of excellently executed songs.

Best promo video of 2012 - Video for the track 'The Diplomat' by Pig Destroyer from their 2012 album 'Book Burner'

An amusing and entertaining video with a surreal quality as well as being an excellent track.

Best festival of 2012 - Bolt Fest, Bolt Thrower's 25th Anniversary Charity Party. The line up, Vallenfyre, Benediction, Discharge, Autopsy and of course the mighty Bolt Thrower. The only way this could have been better would have been if the UK's best ever Death Metal vocalist Dave Ingram had made a guest appearance, but we did chant his name as a tribute.

Most annoying moment of 2012

Marduk/Immolation cancelling their gig at the White Rabbit.

Things to look forward to next year

New Behemoth and Belphegor albums, the Enslaved tour, and a whole load of exciting gigs that are yet to be announced.

Best new band (underground)

Sanctus Nosferatu - SAMCA - Portuguese crossover thrash Metallers for their independantly released debut album.

The astounding vocal range from their female vocalist, Camila Morticia, whose gutteral vocals are so good I and many others have thought she was a male.



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