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Jools Green


I met up with Huron guitarist Rimmy Sinclair just before their sound check for the Plymouth leg of their UK tour with Skindred. In amongst the noise and pre gig bustle we managed to find an almost quiet corner of the White Rabbit for a quick chat.

Rimmy, thanks for taking the time out from your sound check to chat. So, what is the story behind or origin of the band name?

"When I joined the band eighteen months ago I asked the same question, I thought it would be either the North American Lake or the Native American Indians and it is the Hurons, as in the film 'Last Of The Mohicans'."

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Recently there have been several changes in the line up so how has this reflected on your sound and writing?

"The band sound has evolved naturally over time. Jim, Rohan and I were previously in death Metal bands so the new sound is grittier and edgier. This has also reflected in the writing, with three extra writers bringing ideas together that we all worked on during the 'Mary Celeste' tour. We wanted four new songs to capture this new sound, no ballads or proggie elements just straightforward, heavy and catchy."

Excellent, you won't get any complaints from me for that choice of path. 'Mary Celeste' was a pretty successful album for you in 2011. How has the new EP 'War Party' been received by your fans? Has it gained you any new fans?

"'War Party' has gone down very well, it's recording was pushed forward because we had the material ready, mostly recorded in my home studio except the vocals which were done at April Media Studios. We have been playing it in its entirety this tour and have definitely gained new fans as a result. Our Facebook page has exploded lately with the number of 'likes' we have received."

I have heard three tracks from 'War Party', the pilot EP to a new album due out 2013. I do like the direction you are going in with your sound so what can you tell me about the new album?

"The album is due out in spring 2013, the songs are pretty much written and as soon as they are complete we will hit the studio to record and then decide who we want to do the mixing/mastering. We have a few big names in mind but are undecided as yet."

2012 has been a good year for Huron, including two major festivals, Bloodstock and Download. How did you find the experience of playing to such a huge audience at such major events?

"It wasn't too daunting; my third gig with the band was at Hard Rock Hell IV so in eighteen months I have had time to get used to it.

"After forty-five minutes playing in front of a three and a half thousand people you come off stage feeling a hundred feet tall, you just want to go back out there and do it all over again. It is such an empowering feeling. The fans really give so much back, crazy circle pits and Huron shirts on so many people, the Huron Army were really out in force."

You have been also appearing quite regularly at the White Rabbit and supporting some big names quite recently. Would you like to share some thoughts on these gigs?

"It's always great to play Plymouth and the White Rabbit, it's our home. All our local fans come out to see us, the Huron Army. We have opened for some great bands, Evile, Alestorm, quite recently Onslaught and now as support for Skindred."

How has the Skindred tour gone so far?

"The tour has been incredible; every city has made us feel really welcome."

So what's on the cards for Huron in 2013?

"After we finish the third album we want to hit up a few festivals, there are a few we have in mind that we would like to do. Also get out touring with the forthcoming album, get better known and then record a second EP 'War Party - Blue'."

'War Party - Blue'?

"Yes, the first EP with the new grittier sound is 'War Party - Red'. We want to do a second, 'War Party - Blue'."

Any final comments?

"2012 has been a cracking year, we are very excited about 2013 and I think it is going to be our year. We are thinking about the bigger picture now."

Thank you Rimmy, it has been a pleasure speaking to you.



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