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jools green

Jools Green

while gods sleep

The Portuguese Azores, this time the Island of Terceria, seems to me to be an absolute gold mine of undiscovered Metal talent. The latest band brought to my attention is Anomally and their EP 'While The God's Sleep' which is the follow up to their, 2008 full length 'Once In Hell….'

A six piece whose sound is best described as Melodic Death with a touch of Black Metal. A mix that gives a slightly gothic, symphonic edge, with melody and groove running through yet still maintaining that all too important aggressive element, which comes largely from the excellent harsh vocals.

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The band modestly describe their music as "Not the most original fusion", but I personally think they do put their own unique and original twist to this combination. It is not a concept EP but the main idea behind it is, "As time passes and the Gods sleep, Man is his own God creating his own rules and subduing all around him to his will." This is the common thread which runs through all the tracks.

The EP consists of six tracks, each of which takes a slightly different slant on the fusion of genres, opening with 'Controlled by Oppression' a mix of chugging guitars, subtle keyboards and an occasional technical twist to the guitars. The track also features the guest vocals of 'Escola Básica e Integrada Tomás De Borba choir', adding to a great opening track.

On 'Redrum' Miguel Aguiar's emotive keyboards add huge amounts of atmosphere to the chorus of the track. There is also a great guitar solo towards the end. I love the slower guitar work which gradually builds giving an intense feel to the track 'Cold' before the vocals begin. The track features guest vocals of Flávio Silva (Oblique Rain) whose powerful cleans are a perfect balance to the harsh growls of Nelson Leal and although a difficult choice, probably my favourite track.

Also featuring guest vocals, this time from Michael Sousa (R.A.M), the slower atmospheric 'Pandoras Box' which gains much of its atmosphere from the extended intro which goes on to shape the body of the track forming a catchy groove, with the harsh vocals as an excellent contrasting balance. 'From Lust', a short instrumental prelude that builds before moving seamlessly into the final track, '..To Screams'. Keyboards lead the track as it builds further, before the final onslaught of harsh vocals and melodic guitars giving a powerful and emotive end to the EP.

‘While The God’s Sleep’ is a great EP. I was blown away by the excellent vocals but the guitars, drum work and keyboards are of an almost equally high standard. The more I listen the more I love this.

If you like Melodeath with a blackened/ gothic edge I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Recorded at Wayward Studios, mixed at Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordstrom and mastered by Peter In De Betou. Cover illustrations are by Marcello Vasco P2RDesign.

‘While the Gods Sleep’ is out now. Contact: to buy a copy.

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