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'Step Into Damnation'
(Chaos Records)

Jools Green

jools green

funeral whore step into damnation

It's funny sometimes how things go full circle and thats just what happened to Dutch Death Metal band Funeral Whore, originally founded in 2006 by Roy on guitars/vocals and Kellie on lead guitars. Their original drummer had left to pursue another project but after a succession of unsuccessful replacements in 2010 they saw the return of Olle on drums and with the addition of Tim on bass the line-up was complete.

Since 2009 the band has made three demos, one split and an EP. Finally 2012 sees the arrival of their highly anticipated full length 'Step Into Damnation', a dirty, brutal offering of old school Death Metal. The album has strong influences of Grave, Unleashed and Entombed and they have kept all the tracks to a concise three and a bit minutes, compact and to the point.

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The album chugs mercilessly along from start to finish, dragging your beaten and lifeless corpse with it. There is no real standout track but that's not a bad thing; it's a consistent album, all tracks as heavy and brutal as each other. The vocals, delightfully evil death growls, complemented by dirty distorted guitars, brutal riffs with that under produced sound of old school Death Metal. Splendid!!

Opening with 'Eternal Genocide' crashing cymbals, roaring vocals, the hellish ride begins. 'Wasteland Of Corpses' with its slower sinister opening, closely followed by the ever present roaring vocals. An excellent guitar solo rears up at you during 'Obedience'.

The catchiest tune has to be 'El Salvador Death Squad'. It has up beat chugging guitars, diabolical riffs and the lyrics, "Everywhere they go, the body count starts to grow", can't help make you break into a grin!

'Step Into Damnation' with its spoken intro; "You think that when you die you go to heaven – You come to us!"... a suggestion of the sinister offering that is about to be presented to you. 'The Bitch Died' has more roaring vocals and frenzied guitars and recounts tales of how all bitches die in a gruesome way, a warning if ever I heard one.

'Buried In Hell' is a chugging finale of musical twists and turns is another track that sticks with you and is certain to remind you to re visit the album again.

This is an excellent album; an outstanding effort as a debut full length. It stands the test of repeated playing, very listenable and recommendable.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Double Noise Studio and the release date is February 27th 2012, available direct from Chaos Records.



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