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Inverted Blood
(Goatprayer Records - cassette)

jools green

Jools Green

inverted blood

After releasing their demo EP 'Dark Night' in 2010, Brazilian Blackened Death Metal duo 'Bode Preto'(whose name means black goat in Portuguese) are another band opting to release their work on cassette. Their debut full length release 'Inverted Blood' is highly suited to this format given its old school style and the methodology used in its creation. Recorded in vocalist/guitarist Josh's home in Teresina; recording and sleeping with the drums in one room while in true 80s extreme metal style, recording the vocals in the bathroom to give an iconic, natural reverb soaked sound.

I do like this album a lot. The highly effective playing style is cleverly simplistic but with a subtle difference of approach to each of the tracks. The vocals are excellent, deep and guttural and the depth of sound for a two piece outfit is surprisingly deep, although the album does also feature Fábio Jhasko of Sarcófago (The Laws of Scourge & Crush, Kill, Destroy) who added some guest solos to several of the tracks.

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The opening track, 'Anunciação', is one of the scariest intros I have heard in a long while; simple water drips followed by blood curdling spoken vocals, excellent! I love this album already. 'Bode Preto' continue to hold my attention with title track 'Inverted Blood', the fast dirty sound, deep gurgling vocals and down tuned tinny sounding drums makes for an interesting listen. A great track.
The almost chant like style of the vocals on ' Black Mirror ', adds a very sinister edge and 'Children Of Suicide' has a blood curdling outro, making it darkly emotive. There is almost a sense of being helplessly dragged along by the sound, by the time you get to 'Elytron (Succubus)' with its mega fast drum and riff combo alongside abrupt, almost chant like vocals. Another exciting listen

Awash with fast, soaring riffs my favourite track of the album, 'Mother Of Ferocity' also has a great dirty, distorted solo that almost has a psychedelic feel to it.

The wonderfully guttural vocals on 'Serpent Inferior' are possibly the deepest of the album. I loved the spiral riff opener to 'Amorphophallus Titanum', a fast, exciting, terror filled, atmospheric track. 'The Erection Of The Cross' has a nice drum led element midway before the tempo drops away and atmospheric effects bring the album to a close.

'Inverted Blood' is a great debut album from these inventive Brazilians and one I will continue to enjoy listening to.

The album was mixed and mastered in Birmingham by Hellfire Studios (Napalm Death, Suffocation, Kreator, Exodus) and is available in the following formats from the following labels:
Tape: Goatprayer Records (UK/IRE)
CD: Ketzer Records (Germany)
Digi: Death Noise (Brazil)

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