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After their self titled demo in 2012, which received positive reviews, Swedish Death/ Thrashers 'Dethrone' have now released their debut full length album 'Humanity'. Their aim with this album is to offer a straight forward, intense and aggressive Metal, inspired by bands such as (early) The Haunted, Defleshed and Witchery.

So the question is, does 'Humanity' live up to the bands promise? The simple answer is YES. From the opening note on 'Dead Eyes Open' you are swept away on an intense wave of sound powerfully garnished with harsh abrasive vocals. With virtually no gap, the next track, 'Blood Read Dawn' comes at you like a mighty punch to the face from such vocal aggression. You do get a split second to catch your breath mid way but make the most of it because the next track is on you before you know it. Impressively, the intense chugging riffs and abrasive vocals are maintained consistently and the latter end of 'Deathwish' has a nice little underlying groove to it.

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The pace seems to pick up even faster with some wonderful spiralling riff patterns on 'Greed' which make you feel like you are on some crazy out of control rollercoaster ride. The tempo does drop down a touch towards the latter end of the track, but it still remains exciting, intense listening. 'Forced Paranoia' still maintains the intensity with the addition of some wonderful deep screaming vocals and an interesting drop away in the second half with intense spoken lyrics.

The first of the two longer tracks, 'Towards the Abyss' in the first minute is much slower and more pondering , making you almost fear what is to come. This panned out to be as equally a brutal track as its predecessors yet at the same time beautifully emotive and there was something a little extra that made it, for me, stand out above the others and given the standard of the previous offerings, quite an achievement . I also suddenly noticed on this track just how impressive the drum work was.

Next, 'Blessed by the Light of Dying' and the album is still working for me, all the boxes are still well and truly ticked and another great little groove pops up in the latter half. 'Hell Before Hell' boasts choppy riffs, giving a frantic and exciting feel, military drum beats towards the end and then topped off with a great solo.

Opening with drums and a huge guitar squeal before the final brutal assault on your senses, 'When I Decide' is the longest track at over seven minutes but still captures and holds your attention because there is a lot of tempo and direction change so you can't be quite sure where it will take you. There is a tranquil and reflective moment midway, before the pace picks up but not to previous levels of intensity, prepare for some excellent guitar work as this final track draws to a fade out close.

This is one hell of an album, a dangerously exciting listen. To say that I loved it would be an understatement!

'Humanity' was recorded and mixed at Hoborec, with Ulf Blomberg, mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid and the album cover, which looks great, is hand painted by Joakim Vestlund . 'Humanity' is available to buy from bandcamp as a digital down load.

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