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'Forged By Satan's Doctrine'

Jools Green

jools green

king forged by satans doctrine

Brutal is an understatement for Columbia's Black/Death Metaller's King. 'Forged By Satan's Doctrine', the band's first full length album is a full-on, aural assault that will leave you dazed and bleeding from your orifices.

The band, formed in 2005 - Balek on drums, Raken on vocals/bass, Israel Bathroz Sathanas Lucifer on vocals/guitars and Zarthan Avtomat Kalashnikova also on vocals/guitars - have previously released two EP's, 'Nonlaughter – Zero Fucking Happiness' and 'Emperor Of Darkness' from which five tracks have been included on this album, along with six new tracks.

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Having three members of the band very actively involved in the vocal duties gives a great deal of depth and contrast to the vocals and add to this the fast as hell guitar riffs, very agile bass work and insane drums, the result is absolutely killer.

Opening with 'Summon Shub – Niggurath Ye Black', a ritual sounding, drum and chant based intro, which sets the scene but doesn't prepare you for what is to come... brace yourself.

There were several tracks which floated my Goat and 'When The Walls Of Heaven Turn Black' is possibly my favourite of them. The combination of the repeating riff and song title as a chorus make it catchy, add to this a few tempo changes to keep it interesting and on this track the triple vocal combination is demonstrated at its best.

I also really liked 'Satan's Fabrica' for its fast as hell crushing riffs, squealing guitars and more excellent vocals. The other track which caught my ear was 'Emperor Of Darkness', an incessant assault on all your senses which slows in the second half, briefly, to a slow chant becoming quite atmospheric, before once again picking back up to a shrill solo and continuing the assault.

There's a couple of bonus tracks at the end, both from the 'Nonlaughter' EP. The first is 'Nonlaughter - Zero Fucking Happiness' with it's interesting use of sound bites throughout, developing into that same brutal vein that is woven throughout this album.

The other is the final track 'What's Satan Domain', is slower yet still as harsh,however it does ease off on the brutality inflicted upon you for the last fourty minutes. A perfect end.

Something to remember is this is their first full length and a pretty awesome effort at that. I think the thing I loved the most was the layers of vocals provided by having three singers, growling screaming and squealing. It just works so well and if you enjoy a brutal, face ripper of an album then this is for you.

I loved it and I recommend it. Available now on Deathgasm.



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