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'It Rains, It Pours'

jools green

Jools Green

dormant ordeal

Preceded by three previous demos, 'It Rains, It Pours', debut full length release from 'Dormant Ordeal' is intense and Polish to the core.

There is no mistaking that definitive sound, from the chunky guitars to the harsh throaty vocals and aside from a few palette cleansing instrumentals, strategically placed at the beginning, middle and end, the whole album is brutal and relentless from start to finish, awash with crushing riffs, harsh vocals and high energy drum work, implemented in a way that is only done by Polish bands.

The opening track, 'Depopulation Of Io', a brief ambient instrumental intro that builds gradually before giving way the intense and hyper fast 'Cypress Mourning', a track which has some great technical elements, a nice guitar section at the two minute mark before the tempo drops down towards the end.

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'The Stepfather' has an intense, chugging, methodical beat mixed with huge waves of riffs and not only are the vocals brutal but also the lyrical content, a harrowing tale. 'The Sinless' although having the same level of intensity and crushing brutality as its predecessors, also has a catchy edge to the riffs making it a very a memorable track.

This album is one that gets even better the further in you get 'Your Mother-Slave' has great chugging repeat riff pattern, a track to get your head nodding, with an intense and dirty underlying groove at times. In between the brutal onslaught of drum work there are some sweet little guitar elements on 'Unimagined, Unwritten, Unseen' and a great guitar piece at the end, another great track.

Haunting instrumental 'Dememorization' has a tolling, pulsating rhythm that grows in intensity then fades away again before the arrival of, 'Days That Didn't Make It', with intense chugging hypnotic riffs, more brutal vocals and nice attention grabbing guitar segment towards the end.

'The Animal' opens on a savage frenzy of sound with some pretty insane riff patterns, very technical and at times very fast. 'Man From The Water' is slower and more deliberating with chunky, dirty riffs, an excellently phrased and interesting track.

The guitars take on a sinister and darkly mystical feel on 'Here Be Lions', a fabulous guitar segment towards the end and I liked the way the track fades in waves before blending into final track, the instrumental, 'Depopulation Of Earth' is a haunting and desolate, yet ambient finale.

As first albums go this is very good, there is plenty going on to keep my attention, I was also very glad of the strategically placed instrumentals, this level of intensity works better broken into segments. 'It Rains, It Pours' is very technical album from highly skilled musicians that I enjoyed immensely.

The more I listened to it the more I liked it, noticing new elements every time. If you like Polish Metal you should love this.

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