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'The Healing Power Of Hate'

jools green

Jools Green


Two years in the making, 'The Healing Power of Hate' is the debut release for Montreal thrash-core quintet BornBroken.

As a band they certainly have a unique approach to Metal, playing groove/thrash with a touch of hardcore and with this combination producing a strong and powerful sound. The vocals are excellent too, powerful, angry and harsh and this was the factor that really sold the album to me because good vocals are everything.

They also have a love of sound-bites and these have been added liberally to the tracks, something that I know some people find irksome but I like because if done right, adds much to the overall atmosphere.

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On opening track 'Can't Quiet The Riot', the acute, multiple tempo and direction changes took me by surprise initially, but I like it and as the album progressed it was a technique I began to really appreciate.

'Old News' has great chugging riffs and more sharp direction changes that, again although maybe a little unconventional, work and certainly keeps your attention. 'Anger Of The Day' opens on the line: "Today's the day I love to hate", and then the whole thing just gallops away powerfully with more of these uniquely utilised directional changes; severe yet so interesting.

Still unrelenting, powerful and angry with the arrival of 'I Will Rise', a track which really caught my attention in a big way. The blasting drums, chugging riffs and hint of hardcore I found exhilarating and the spoken element midway worked so well; my favourite track so far.

From the opening drum beats 'Control' is exciting and up tempo, a punchy repeat riff ties this track together into a nice little package with a great guitar segment in the second half.


An ominous spoken intro that quotes statistics about deaths, sets the scene for 'It Has Begun', and add to that a sinister groove that I loved and an excellent, 'thrash-tastic' guitar solo in the closing minute, another favourite track of mine. Another sound-bite opener before the build of drums and bass on 'Birth Of The Broken' I loved the evil hiss to the vocals in the opening minute, topped off with another great guitar segment towards the end.

Intense drum work opens 'Bleed The Sky', the pace repeatedly quickening and then slowing on this excellent and memorable track and yet another great guitar segment in the closing minute that I found wonderfully old school and emotive. Fast paced 'Reborn From The Ashes' becomes, midway through, frantically fast, before dropping to a dramatically slower pace, the drums coming into their own towards the end of the track, a stunningly constructed track that I loved.

Final, title track and longest of the album 'The Healing Powers Of Hate', opens on a hypnotic groove and pounding drums, opening out to a snappy catchy repeat riff, I love this track, they take it in so many different directions, one minute groove laden, the next a punchy hard core influence, then to my delight an emotive with almost a touch of the progressive, longer, excellent guitar segment in the final minutes.

'The Healing Power of Hate' is a well executed album, tight and well produced, at times with strong hardcore influence. I liked the strong profile that the drums took, the guitar breaks were exciting and all the way through the vocals were first rate. The time taken to create it is very evident in the final result.

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