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'Voodoo Dawn'
(Pulverised Records)

jools green

Jools Green

voodoo dawn

'Voodoo Dawn' is the third release from US/Swedish Death/Doom alliance 'Skeletal Spectre', follow up to 'Occult Spawned Premonitions' and the second to feature vocalist Vanessa Nocera.

This is a good album and there is a lot I like about it, particularly the guitar and drum work. The vocals are pretty good as well but unfortunately I absolutely loved their first album, 'Tomb Coven', which had guitarist/bassist 'Behold The Pentagram' on vocal duties. I couldn't help comparing 'Voodoo Dawn' to that album as I do like to hear a very deep vocal on Death/Doom projects.

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None the less, you can look forward to an abundance of crushing riffs and sludge laden elements alongside Vanessa's vocals (which grew on me with repeated listens) and with that D-beat adding a catchy edge to poceedings.

Opening and title track, 'Voodoo Dawn' is delightfully sludgy, doomy, distorted and very catchy. 'Altar of Damballah' has the catchiest distorted riff ever and proved a big favourite with me just for that reason. 'Serpent Moon' and 'Black Augury Hollow' are both dirty and distorted with some intense drum work for good measure. Intense, shrill guitar work confronts you on 'Bone Dust' in the opening moments of this up tempo distorted D-beat feast.


On 'Shallow Grave' the scene is set perfectly with the opening spoken line "Don't let them bury me, I am not dead!" This terrifyingly catchy track became another favourite with me. 'She-Wolf of Devil's River' has a slower plodding tempo initially with the pace picking up midway, it's haunting, distorted and rather good. 'Haunted Gallows' has a fabulous dirty beat and is a real head nodder.

Final track, 'The Flip-Side of Satan' was the only one that didn't float my goat. I just didn't like the clean vocals which were too reminiscent of 80's female rock, a style which I didn't like even back then. This was the only minor issue for me with an otherwise good album.

Voodoo Dawn was written and recorded at Morbid Apparition Studios, mixing and mastering duties were undertaken by Patrick Bruss (Ribspreader) and the artwork is by Adam Geyer (Bone Gnawer) This is an album that should appeal to fans of Necrophagia, Feral etc.

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