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'They Come At Night'
(Deathgasm Records)

Jools Green

jools green

nocturnal torment they come at night

Despite being active since 1988, 'They Come At Night' is Nocturnal Torment's first full length album. They have produced two demos, one under their previous name of Termination as a Thrash Metal outfit back in 1989 and more recently in 2009, 'Consecrated'. under their present name.

Nocturnal Torment's 2012 offering 'They Come At Night' is a slice of old school Death Metal to be proud of from the four piece from Chesterton, Indiana. The band consists of Peter Clemens on Bass, Dave Ross on drums with Tom Stathis and Mark Schultz both on guitar/vocals.

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Getting straight down to business with 'Vile Affliction' from the offset with grating, chugging guitars closely followed by those growling vocals and my interest is caught already. No chance to catch your breath before you are into 'Alternative Reality', the same grating guitars and growling vocals but the pace is faster, slightly reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse.

A lot of the tracks are very reminiscent of other bands. 'Bleeding' had that frantic sound to it that you get with Danish Death Metal bands like Corpus Mortale. It is almost like each song is a personally written tribute to all the aspects of Metal that Nocturnal Torment love. If that's the case, no complaints here, it works for me.

Opening with drums, then bass before moving into the guts of the song, 'Cycle Of Life' is my favourite track, the sinister sounding, repeating riff overlaid by those rich harsh vocals. Had I not read that there were two vocalists in this band I would never had guessed as they seem to blend together perfectly.

On to 'Forever Eternal Darkness' and machine gun guitars kick this into action before breaking into the consistent guitar style found throughout the album. Excellent repeat riff and the screaming guitar at the end, overlaid onto the grating guitar which permeates throughout the album. Also another excellent growl from the vocal department! Just fabulous!

Ending with 'Primordial Existence', there is no let up or wind down, this album is full tilt end to end.

All the tracks are long; most are up around the five to six minute mark with only two under five minutes but for me personally, there is enough tempo change and variety to keep my interest and I don't mind long tracks.

Every song is different and there is an impressively rich mixture within this album. These guys know their Death Metal like the back of their hands: excellent musicianship from the guitarists, amazing vocals.

Put it on repeat play from the start because you won't want this album to end. It may have taken these guys over twenty years to get around to making this but I don't care as it's a masterpiece. I absolutely love it.

Available now from Deathgasm Records.



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