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'Derisive Philosophy'
(Pest Records)

jools green

Jools Green

mormant de snagov

'Derisive Philosophy', the second full length release from Finland's Mormânt De Snagov, is quite an exciting discovery for me, as the band managed to slip under my radar with their debut, 'Rise from The Void' in 2010.

The project was founded in 2008 by Domnul Cadavru, with the aim of creating stripped-down black Metal and was originally a solo project but he soon extended the line-up to four piece band for the debut album 'Rise From The Void' in 2010.

Their work is strongly influenced by a great respect for classic black Metal, but also explores new elements thereby adding new aspects to their interpretation of the style of the genre.

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The inspiration for their lyrics has risen from their frustration regarding the hypocritical religious community and is therefore openly blasphemous; works for me! Also, as the name of the band suggests, founder Domnul, has a fascination for Southeast European legends; with some of the lyrics inspired by subjects such as immortality and the resurrection of evil, from that perspective.

The album consists of seven aggressive, haunting and beautifully crafted tracks, beginning with 'Comatose' which has an ominous bass led opener and is dark and evocative from the offset, developing into a magnificent chugging build before becoming something darkly emotive, garnished with harrowing vocal screams and with at times, some beautiful, hauntingly reflective sections, a stunning opening track.

mormant de snagov

'Divine Dismemberment' switches between intense chugging and a solitary piano note suggesting a tolling bell as it opens rapidly, becoming fast and intense with a broader range of vocals screams and growls. There is an excellent opener on 'The End Of My Thoughts' and not quite what you would expect on a black Metal album, a discordant repeat riff pattern that constantly reappears throughout this intense and up tempo track.

Although 'Detrimental Edict' follows a more traditional black Metal sound the vocals at times take on an almost deathly growl, an interesting mix that works so well.

A frantic spiralling riff is combined with vocals that soar from a growl to a scream on 'Abnormities', a manically paced and exciting number. 'Transient Lunar Phenomenon' is an intense, traditional black Metal track with an excellent vocal range demonstrated once again.

The final track, 'The Triumph' has a sinister repeat riff, a catchy, darkened groove and frantic tempo. It is such an excellent end to the album it makes you want to listen all over again.

I think this is an interesting and well constructed, fully listenable and very enjoyable album with a unique twist and should appeal to anyone with an interest in black Metal, particularly if you like an innovative approach.

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