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The Warrior 2013 Tour
Falmouth Pavilions

jools green

Jools Green


You couldn't ask for a more picturesque venue than The Pavilions, with its colonnade and sub-tropical plantings, particularly on such a perfect summer evening but more important are the excellent acoustics of the auditorium, a fact that must influence British Psychedelic Space Rock Icons Hawkwind's decision to return, in recent years, to the venue on an almost annual basis.

They are a band that has stood the test of time, clocking up an impressive forty-four years and what always makes an impression on me whenever I get the chance to see them perform live is the consistently high standard of performance, every element is always executed with flawless precision.

On this occasion there was, for whatever reason, no formal support act but, as has happened before, Tim Blake stepped up to the support slot, announcing during his brief but well received set that "I am not supposed to be the support act you know!" However this didn't stop him from successfully managing to rouse the aging audience, particularly with his solo version of 'Spirit Of The Age' which had most people singing along.

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It's a good job that Tim has more energy than most people half his age because it was only a short interval between the end of his set and the start of Hawkwind's set.

Opening with 'Masters Of The Universe' followed by 'Steppenwolf' much to the delight of this mature yet lively audience before performing the entire 1975 'Warriors On The Edge Of Time' album in sequence and in its entirety, coinciding with the long awaited re-release of this iconic album.


The dancers, who are almost always present at Hawkwind gigs made regular appearances during many of the tracks to add interest, I didn't think these two were quite as good as previous ones but the important aspect was the quality of the bands performance which was, as always, excellent.

The main part of the set closed to 'Hashish', with riotous cries for the band's return.

Returning for a three track encore, after a brief consultation as to what had been decided as the second track, they delighted the anticipating audience with a second track from the 'Astounding Sounds...' album, 'Reefer Madness', before closing with a tribute to former band mate Lemmy, with 'Motorhead', played with a laid back groove that was so typically Hawkwind.


The real surprise at this point and I still can't believe what I saw, there was actually a bit of a pit starting to form during this number!

Old Rockers... What are they like!!




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