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'Point Zero Solution'
(Spinefarm Records)

jools green

Jools Green

deals death

Swedish melodic death Metallers Deals Death met at music college and the band released their self-financed debut 'Internal Demons' in 2009, before moving to Gothenburg and releasing The second album, 'Elite', in 2012 but the thing that has brought the band to a wider audience, beyond the Metal community, was vocalist Olle Ekman's 'Death Metal Vocal Exercises' video which became a surprise YouTube hit.

Just one year on and 'Point Zero Solution', their third release, is I am sure, going to make an even bigger impact on the Metal world. The album is a step-by-step account of the process of the breakdown of the systems of nature and society, consisting of eleven songs packed with a strong lyrical edge, some excellent orchestrated arrangements adding dramatic textures and awash with some of the catchiest melodic hooks you are likely to hear.

Musically and structurally it is technically flawless, the tracks are beautifully constructed with excellent harsh malevolent growls from vocalist Olle which enhance and embellish every track, and the lyrics are also comprehensible.

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It's hard to choose a favourite song as every track has something about it that makes you think "Oh Yes!!" when you listen. Even though the story behind each is dark and bleak the music is incredibly exciting, also the tempo throughout is pretty fast and to the greater extent, this helps to maintain excitement levels.

You can sense trouble brewing right from the dark building intro on 'Point Zero Solution' which has a great guitar break towards the end, something that you can look forward to in the latter part of each track although the best one is possibly on the final track, 'Author of Arts', which comes at you like a storm, a catchy memorable and moving album ender.

deals death

There were couple of tracks that had the hair on the back of my neck standing on end, the very moving 'Facing The Echoes' and 'Beyond Reason' which has a catchy repeat that sticks in your mind.

Also although, as I previously mentioned, the tempo is pretty fast across the album, it does drop away slightly on a few tracks, the darkly powerful, 'Passion For Infinity', 'The Separation' and the penultimate track 'Back To Consciousness' which are quite dark and chugging whilst still maintaining their exciting edge.

If you like the Gothenburg sound you are going to love this album, it epitomises the very best aspects of the genre and stands head and shoulders above many of its competitors. 'Point Zero Solution', was forged in the deep woods of Grangärde, Sweden and the band's comment on the album is:

"Deals Death brings the good news! The world isn't going to end; it's only becoming a horrific and gruesome place to inhabit."

...oh well, at least the music it inspires is excellent, so it's not all bad!

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