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'Infection Legacy'
(Self Release)

jools green

Jools Green

death toll rising

'Infection Legacy' is an impressive and catchy combination of Canadian death and thrash Metal from Edmonton based five piece 'Death Toll Rising' and on this, their follow up to 2010s debut album 'Defecation Suffocation' and 2008s EP 'Spontaneous Decapitation' they have enlisted the talents of Tylor Dory on guitars, introducing a technical and progressive element to the band they did not have on their previous releases.

Add to that the intense, powerful and relentless drumming from Bryan Newbury and vocals that are nothing short of excellent from Jesse Berube, a combination of brutal death growls and higher hissing shrieks and you have nothing short of a winning combination.

All nine of the tracks offered are superbly crafted and individual but linked together by 'Death Toll Rising''s unique style. After a spine chilling, scene setting, sound-bite intro, title track 'Infection Legacy' opens with a sense of urgency, the higher and lower vocals styles working in perfectly with each other, much like a like a conversation, with the track culminating in an excellent spiralling thrash break towards the end.

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On 'Judas Cradle' I love the unusual drum opener and the way the guitar and drums play off against each other, complemented with a simple vocal roar before opening out to become a fast exciting and highly technical track.

'Scorched Earth Policy' is fast, furious and thrashy, add to this some excellent technical, spiralling riffs, but it's the sheer speed that impresses me, particularly the high speed guitar work towards the close. 'Born To Defile' is fast with an almost dirty technical edge. Slightly slower is 'Malice Incarnate', with a very sinister intense edge to the guitar sound and a rather impressive guitar break just before midway and yet another towards the end.

death toll rising

'Crack Open A Cold One'... they are not talking about a beer either on this witty number about necrophilia, which has an excellent, intense guitar break towards the close. 'Slaughter To Survive' has a huge amount of technical segments slotted into its construct, a catchy and powerful Death Metal number.

On 'Revelation Despair' there is a pulsating feel to the riffs as it opens, enhanced with some furious paced drum work. There is a very appealing construction to this track, particularly with the switch of pace from a galloping one to one of punchy chunks; it also has a really catchy chorus.

The final and longest track 'Septic Entity' has a slow, sinister, chugging opener, with deep growls, pounding rhythms overlaid with a subtle technical element. With drum blasts as the pace picks up midway, the vocals rising to a scream and then a combination of both vocal styles, working together to great effect, the track fades out and an ominous sound bite is combined into the music until the close.

If you enjoy bands such as Carcass, Death, Strapping Young Lad, At The Gates or Bloodbath, this should appeal to you, personally I love this album, it is forty-five minutes of full tilt death/thrash excitement.

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