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'Generation Abomination'
(Gravity Entertainment)

jools green

Jools Green

cold cell

Formerly known as Atritas, Swiss Black Metal quintet Cold Cell changed their name after their last release, 2009s 'Celestial Decay'.

With this new release, 'Generation Abomination', I think there is a greater level of sophistication to their sound, I have no objection to their previous offerings, this is just better.

Sound wise the album is magnificently atmospheric, with more of a classic Black Metal feel but with a sharp production, the vocals are deep and sinister with vitriolic edge. The high standard of track construction is maintained across the whole sixty-two minutes of the album, giving both quantity and quality.

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The band describes 'Generation Abomination' as "the reflection of a degenerated modern world, built on empty values and praising new, false gods and that one may see it as a misanthropic manifest or as the result of personal experience. The concept behind  'Generation  Abomination' does not have a constructive sense. It is a reckoning, a collage of elements pointing to a spiritual dead entity called global digitized society, bathing in disgusting superficiality."

Lyrically the album covers topics such as the inner emptiness of man, the death of spirituality, the total loss of any interest in mental development. It certainly pokes a finger at the 'sheeple' minded consumerist that inhabit modern society and harks back to a time when Black Metal was about addressing controversial issues as well as, at the same time, being a great listen; what more could you want?

cold cell

Opening with 'EndZeitGeist', the dark catchy pace has your head nodding as soon as it starts. This track, and many subsequent ones also, have so many twists and turns to their construct you are drawn in and entangled within the sound. An excellent, blackened start to the album.

'Next Stop: Disillusion Centre' is dark and evocative. There is also such a haunting, hypnotic feel to the album that the tracks tend to meld together, your mind becoming lost in the sound but I was pulled out of my reverie on 'Generation Abomination' when the guitars took on a dark Latin feel briefly which I thought was an interesting approach.

Shitfaced Existence' had an excellent drum led, opening build and some of the best drum work of the album. The slower pace of 'Desert Of Thoughts' gives it a very reflective atmosphere with powerfully applied spoken lyrics as it opens. I love the chugging oppressive rhythm that dominates the majority of 'Depressing/ Depressive New World'.

An added bonus to the album comes in the shape of guest vocals on two of the tracks, the excellent deeply harsh, tortuous, vocal rasps on 'The Perception Of One In All' and final track 'Neon Fade-Out' are by Chris S. R. from Swiss Black/Death Metal outfit Schammasch, adding an extra dimension to the album.

'Generation Abomination' was mixed and mastered by Victor Bullok at Woodshed Studio, Germany.

I love this album, I have no favourite tracks they are all nothing short of superb, with an approach to Black Metal that makes it highly listenable. I think Cold Cell are a grossly underrated band and hope this new incarnation brings them the attention and success they deserve.

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