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'Homo Hereticus'
(Masterful Records)

Jools Green

jools green

the wretched end inroads

There's no mistaking where these guys are from: the first thing that comes to mind when you listen to Sphere is they are unmistakably Polish in their sound, grounded in Death Metal but with a blackened edge to it and in places, a bit of a groove too. Formed in 2002 and consisting of Analripper on vocals, Lucas on guitars, Cthulhu also on guitars, Th0rn on drums and Burning on bass, 'Homo Hereticus' is the band's second full length album, the previous being 'Damned Souls Rituals' in 2007.

I do like this album and the more I listen, the more I like it, also the further into the album you get the better it gets. Strong influences of Vader and Immolation are noticeable. The things that really impressed me with this album were both the lyrics and phenomenal drum work, both of which were consistently excellent throughout the album.

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Opening with 'Forever Sworn To Blasphemy', you are introduced to the album's 'Vaderesque' vocal style and chugging guitar sound. The lyrics on this track and the subsequent track, 'Godless Profanity', are both examples of the clever lyrics that have made a positive impression on me.

Moving further into the album the pace begins to pick up with 'Holistic Paralysis' and 'Psalm To The Dark One', both catchy with plenty of tempo change to keep your interest on the music. 'Homo Hereticus' is another track with plenty going on, with bold lyrics that challenge religious dogma.

The sinister 'Vengeance's Core', with its atmospheric intro that suddenly opens to a terrifying yell, will have the hair on the back of your neck standing up on end. Continuing in that vein is 'Devil's Reunion', surreal, sinister lyrics with a delightful technical feel to the guitars.

The penultimate track 'Beyond The Madness Of Gods' opens with an 'in your face' roar from the vocals and is a catchy, chugging track. The album concludes with 'War', a blistering barrage of Death Metal excellence.

The album was recorded in ZED Studio by Tomek Zalewski, artwork created by vocalist Analripper in cooperation with Kaos. All of the samples and intros for 'Homo Hereticus' were recorded by Andy Blakk.

'Homo Hereticus' is available now on Masterful Records, limited to 666 copies so if you want one you had better be quick.



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